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The Whisky Library is a Hong Kong based spirit merchant catering to all - whether you are a connoisseur, experienced collector, a curious amateur, or just simply someone looking for a quality drink.  We never compromise on quality, so you won’t have to. Our Library is shelved with only the finest spirits, showcasing serious craftsmanship, history and culture.

We have a specialist retail store alongside The Armoury, the premier artisanal clothier, at Landmark Men. The new cross over concept is a destination for every discerning gentleman looking for a bespoke experience in the world of fine spirits or classic menswear. The concept was born out of mutual passion for quality and craftsmanship and the goal to supply Hong Kong’s gentlemen with the finest spirits and garments in a beautiful setting at one of the worlds finest retail locations. Our shelves are filled with the finest spirits available in the market sourced from small independent producer and bottlers from around the globe.