Grain Whisky

Just like malt whisky, the making of grain Scotch is entirely natural. The raw materials are malted barley, other cereals (usually wheat or maize), water and yeast. Distillation is carried out in column stills called coffey or patent stills -- invented by Aneas Coffey in 1830. This is a continuous distillation process, and produces a lighter flavoured whisky compred to malt whisky. 

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        Cameronbridge 29 Year / 1991 / 70cl 50% / Old Particular

        In 1826 Cameronbridge became the very first Scotch distillery to produce grain whisky in a continuous still. With a production capacity of circa 100,000,000 litres of alcohol per year, the Cameronbridge...

        Girvan 30 Year / 1989 / 70cl 51.5% / Old Particular

        The Girvan distillery is a lowland grain whisky distillery located in South Ayrshire. Owned by William Grant & Sons, Girvan is one of the largest facilities in Scotland in which whisky...

        Strathclyde 30 Year / 1990 / 70cl 41.7% / Old Particular

          Holding the impressive distinction of being Glasgow’s only grain distillery, Strathclyde was initially built by London distiller Seager Evans in 1927 on the site of an old cotton mill. Established...