Tormore 10 Year / 2010 / 70cl 46% / Premier Barrel


Douglas Laing 的 Premier Barrel 系列均以復古陶瓷酒壺裝瓶,設計是以維多利亞音樂廳的「美好時光」作為靈感,而其中的酒液則是從蘇格蘭各個產區的酒廠的單桶單一麥芽威士忌中嚴選出來。Tormore Distillery 位於 Speyside 產區,其富有特色的建築設計備受關注,更已被列入受保護建築;它的威士忌風格以成熟的蜜瓜和梨香為主,大部份的出品都供應予調和威士忌,而單一麥芽威士忌的裝瓶相對罕有。這瓶經波本桶陳釀的單桶 Tormore 10y,帶有濃郁的穀物和迷人的雪松香調,再以檸檬清香點綴, 沁人心脾。Douglas Laing's Premier Barrel Selection, which is inspired by the "good old days" of Victorian Music Hall. The malts...

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Douglas Laing 的 Premier Barrel 系列均以復古陶瓷酒壺裝瓶,設計是以維多利亞音樂廳的「美好時光」作為靈感,而其中的酒液則是從蘇格蘭各個產區的酒廠的單桶單一麥芽威士忌中嚴選出來。

Tormore Distillery 位於 Speyside 產區,其富有特色的建築設計備受關注,更已被列入受保護建築;它的威士忌風格以成熟的蜜瓜和梨香為主,大部份的出品都供應予調和威士忌,而單一麥芽威士忌的裝瓶相對罕有。

這瓶經波本桶陳釀的單桶 Tormore 10y,帶有濃郁的穀物和迷人的雪松香調,再以檸檬清香點綴, 沁人心脾。

Douglas Laing's Premier Barrel Selection, which is inspired by the "good old days" of Victorian Music Hall. The malts that fill into this unique ceramic decanter are selected from single casks hailed from many whisky regions in Scotland.

The Tormore Distillery is located at Speyside and is known for its unique and fascinating listed buildings. Its whisky carries fruity style aromas of melons and pears. Since the production is mainly supplying for Blends, there have not been many official single malt bottling releases of Tormore.

The taste of this Tormore 10y single bourbon cask culminates in a unique combination of full-bodied cereal and captivatingly celestial cedar notes. The addition of lemon gives it a generous and enjoyable flavour. It is a delightful whisky that is both spacious and whimsical!


Single malt

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Douglas Laing







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