Romano Levi

Romano Levi (1928-2008) , the “angelic grappa maker” as Luigi Veronelli used to call him, was just 17 years of age when he took over the running of the distillery founded by his father Serafino in1925. Using the same distillery equipment, and the same hand-crafted productions process, he went on to become the most famous “grappaiolo” in the world, not only for his grappa, but also hid hand-drawn labels. Countless publications and exhibitions in Italy and abroad have been dedicated to his main subject: the “Wild Woman”.

Located in Neive, one of the most enchanting villages in the Langhe, recently awarded World Heritage Site status, today the distillery is museum in perfect working order. It produces small quantities of a grappa which is quite unique, thanks to the last open -fire still existing in Europe. The traditional production process and lengthy ageing result in a “historic” grappa with a peerless, intense taste.