Armagnac Chateau De Leberon

The Chateau de Lebron started 13th century, when the’ Hundred Years’ war was raging across Gascony.
In 1939 great-grand father Osmin bought the Chateau. Caroline and Sophie thus represent the fourth generation of Armagnac producers who have run the Chateau de Léberon since 1939. The youngest daughter of a family, Caroline began producing a most beautiful fragrance by taking over two properties: the Chateau de Léberon and the Domaine d’Aurensan.

All the casks are made from wood from oak tree grown on their estate. They are still using direct fire column still. The distillation takes place during winter with a limit date of 31st March of the year following the harvest. The bottling of Léberon Armagnacs are done by hand filled, and are bottled according to demands.

Chateau de Lebron produce single cask and cask strength Armagnac. No sugar, no coloring, no water, and no other food additive added.

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