Armagnac Domain D'Aurensan

Domaine d’ Aurensan is a family business of 4 generations, which is operating at a great place for grapevine cultivation.  Their casks are made of oak trees at the estates, bring all the aromatic singularity to their eaux-de-vie, as the eau-de-vie brings the aromatic components that will be matured then. Caroline Rozès worked for a decade in the perfume business in Paris. She is the youngest daughter of a family from the Gers region, Caroline began producing a most beautiful fragrance, that of her family’s Armagnac brandy. 

They take special care to the pruning, suppression of vine-shoots, and trellising, all contributing to the harvest quality and vine longevity, which are very carefully by hands. They reduce the use of chemical pesticides in vineyard, which results in grapes reaching better qualities and taste.

Domaine d’ Aurensan products are Triple-Zero Armagnacs, which are added with no sugar, no coloring, and no water added , not any other food adjutants.

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