Scallywag Kowloon King II Hong Kong Exclusive

Scallywag Kowloon King II Hong Kong Exclusive

Scallywag 香港限定版來到第四版了!

於 2019 年,The Whisky Library 第一次與 Scallywag 合作,推出「九龍皇帝 Scallywag」, 旋即大受歡迎;其後在 2020 年再推出「香港的士Scallywag」,以及 2022 年的「戲曲Scallywag」,每一款均火速售罄。

今年,The Whisky Library 回歸原點,推出「九龍皇帝 Scallywag II」,Scallywag 得以再次在九龍皇帝的塗鴉前,自豪地展示他的新龍袍。


Scallywag Kowloon King II Hong Kong Exclusive 帶有水果軟糖、燉煮水果、輕烤焦糖、紅莓果醬風味,限量生產900瓶。

Scallywag Hong Kong Exclusive is currently at its 4th edition!

In 2019, Scallywag debuted its Hong Kong Exclusive with The Whisky Library. Titled "Scallywag Kowloon King", the exclusive and cross-over edition of Scallywag was a tribute to the legendary graffiti artist "Kowloon King", and was much appreciated by whisky lovers and whisky collectors.

In its 2nd edition, the 2020 Hong Kong Exclusive was themed with the iconic red taxi of Hong Kong. In 2022, Chinese Opera Scallywag took centre stage as the star of the year's exclusive production.

This year, The Whisky Library's crossover with Scallywag returns with "Kowloon King Scallywag II". Once again, Scallywag dons the emperor's robe, showing off his smart look in front of Kowloon King's graffiti works.

Just so you know, the Kowloon King in real life was the late Mr. Zeng, who used Hong Kong's streets and alleys as his creative canvas. Sadly, his works are now mostly lost to the world due to bureaucrats' efforts to "clean the streets", but some of his works have been preserved and are now on display at M+ museum and at Star Ferry Pier.

The exclusive edition of 2023 has flavours of fruit gummies, poached fruits, light caramel , and red berry jam, which is of limited batch of 900 bottles. Come and visit us to witness the drip and swagger of Scallywag Kowloon King II!

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Scallywag Kowloon King II Hong Kong Exclusive / 70cl 48% / Remarkable Regional Malts