Old and Rare Ardbeg 20 Year Hong Kong Exclusive

Old and Rare Ardbeg 20 Year Hong Kong Exclusive



威士忌擁有比其他烈酒複雜及豐富的香氣與味道,而一瓶好的威士忌更是讓人神魂顛倒,甚至讓我們憶起往日的種種。不相信的話,那要試試這瓶香港限定的 Old and Rare Ardbeg 20y了。

When thinking of Hong Kong's traditional grocery shops, what smells and odours would pop into your mind? Such sensations could be difficult to describe. However, the unique smells and along with them, the associated memories would immediately wander into your mind's eyes.

You may have once passed by a traditional grocery store in the old towns and all of a sudden, old memories and faces resurface as familiar scents are detected.

There are rising numbers of exhibitions of nostalgic Hong Kong. However, it is sad that all the aromas which recall our memories could not be reproduced. The exhibits could only be left as replicas without souls.

Whisky is said to be carrying the most abundant and complex aroma among all spirits. A good bottle of whisky could even spirit us away, bring us back to the old times. Have a dram of this Hong Kong exclusive Old and Rare Ardbeg 20y and you will know what I mean.