Discovering the Art of Brandy

Discovering the Art of Brandy

Previously, joined by Whisky writer, tastings host and judge Tony Leung, the Whisky Library hosted a fascinating French brandy tasting at The Whisky Gallery by Artisan Lounge in K11 Musea. As Tony went through a specially curated selection of French brandies, paired with artisan chocolate, our guests could experience some exceptional brandies, from Cognac selected from Jean Grospperin to Armagnac made by Château de Léberon.

First, we began with the light but vibrant fortified wine 100% Colombard from Château de Léberon fortified with Chateau's very own Armagnac and put into Solera since 1987! This can be a dessert by itself or try it on ice after a great meal. Some say it has the nose of an unfiltered, Japanese plum wine.

The tasting moved on to the selection of Cognac by Jean Grosperrin. Working as a cognac broker in the region, Grosperrin’s role gave him the exposure and access to many discreet private collections (usually not for sale) of many cognac producers, and thus he was able to attain a wide range of very unique barrels of cognac.

The second drink we selected for the evening is the Cépages Grande Champagne Cognac. This is a fine example of Jean Grosperrin prowess, and is a blend of grape varieties including Folle Blanche, Colombard and Ugni Blanc. It’s certainly a step in a new direction for this innovative Cognac brand.

Followed by a premium highlight of the evening, Fins Bois N58 is a very rare Cognac comes from a possession upon the death of the winegrower decades ago. It was from his son that Grosperrin bought this cognac in 1999. Since then, this unique cask has remained stored in the cellars until 2017 and bottled after 59 years. This cognac affirms its great age with tertiary notes, spices, which also emerges lightness of these aromas. On the palate, it is sweet, mildly tannic, with an elegant flavour making this fine rare vintage, not overpowered in amount, undoubtedly balanced, and appealing in the mouth.

 After some fabulous cognac we introduce two Armagnac from Château de Léberon. Being the fourth generation of Armagnac production since 1939, the Château is still using wooden casks made from oak trees grown on their estate. Distilled from direct fire column still, each bottling of Léberon’s Armagnacs are hand filled, cask strength with no sugar, colouring, and no other food additive added, preserving the most original state of Armagnac.

Château de Léberon's Solera 2001 is a rather fruity expression, composed of Ugni Blanc and Colombard grapes. Aged in a solera system, which is particularly innovative in Armagnac, as it's a method more common with fortified wines. This award winning Armagnac is a surprising one to remember.

Last but not least, the 52-year-old 1966 Armagnac is the grand finale of the evening.  Fueled with dense rancio and tobacco notes, synchronized with brown sugar, hazelnut cream and juicy gooseberries, this is one breathtaking glass. 

Once again, we are honoured to work with Tony and the team of The Whisky Gallery by Artisan Lounge, We will be hosting more intriguing brandy events in the future and stay tuned!