Grappa Distillery Romano Levi

Grappa Distillery Romano Levi

When it comes to grappa, the Whisky Library has selected the finest in Italy: Romano Levi.

The Levi family has been distilling grappa since the 17th century, every year during the wine production season they would emigrate from the alpine valley of San Giacomo to the wine regions with mobile stills and produce their grappas until 1925 when Serafino Levi moved to the village of Neive where the distillery is permanently situated.

Romano was 17 when he took over the running of the distillery, using the same distilling equipment and the same hand-crafted production process, he went on to become the most famous grappa master in the world.

Continuing in the tradition begun by Romano Levi, each year the distillery will light up the match to start the fire, which gives life to the still of the distillery and the production of the historic grappa for the season. What you see here is No.71, a limited edition of 200 bottles celebrating the 71st season making grappa in the distillery. Distilled in 2008 and bottled in 2015. This rare release is produced by hand with a direct-fire still.

Extremely limited quantity available online and our shops at Landmark Central and K11 Musea.