SPQR Blended Rum

SPQR Blended Rum

Samaroli is perhaps one of the most respected independent bottlers of Scotch whisky in the world. With an impeccable taste in single cask whiskies, and an eye for aesthetics (if not English spelling at times!), he is regarded by many as a visionary. Many of his bottles now occupy well-deserved spots of whisky greats of all time, and their rum output under the tenure of Antonio Bleve is increasingly revered as well.

Samaroli’s rum are mainly matured in Scotland for its cold and moist climate to slow down the maturing process, wherever these rum were made around the world, they just taste smoother, gentler, and perhaps something very unique and mesmerizing.

SPQR is an abbreviation for Senātus Populusque Rōmānus: The Roman Senate and People. This blended rum is a tribute to the philosophy of ancient Rome. Chosen by elite and a very approachable rum. It is a blend of 2007 vintage El Salvador rum from the Licorera Cihuatan distillery and a rum distilled in 2010 at the Darsa distillery in Guatemala. A rum which is majestic but easy to drink with depth.

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