Hong Kong Island 2023

Hong Kong Island 2023

載譽歸來,Rock Island 香港限定版 – 「香港島」第二版已抵達 The Whisky Library!

在 Douglas Laing 的 Remarkable Regional Malts 系列入面,代表著島嶼區的 Rock Island 一直被受大家喜愛;第一版「香港島」於二年前推出的時候迅速被大家一掃而空,今年我們很高興為大家帶來「香港島 2023」。



The Rock Island Hong Kong Limited Edition is back and better than ever - "Hong Kong Island" second edition has arrived at The Whisky Library!

Within Douglas Laing's Remarkable Regional Malts series, Rock Island representing the island region has always been loved by countless whisky lovers. When the first edition of "Hong Kong Island" was released two years ago, it sold out in no time. This year, we are excited to bring you "Hong Kong Island 2023”.

As you uncork the bottle, you'll be greeted by a rich and sweet peatiness, followed by waves of sea salt, wild berries, and honeyed preserves spreading in your mouth like the sea. The gentle spices mixed with surprising fruit candies create a delightful finish.

It goes without saying, Hong Kong holds a special place in the hearts of Hong Kongers. Regardless of ups and downs, no matter where you are right now, we hope this bottle of "Hong Kong Island" can bring you a moment of solace for your soul.


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Rock Island Sherry (HK 2023) / 70cl 51.6% / Regional Malts