Thompson Brothers Benrinnes 11y Hong Kong Edition

Thompson Brothers Benrinnes 11y Hong Kong Edition

現代x傳統 • 虛擬x實體

The Whisky Library x Thompson Brothers 2022年的最新包桶Benrinnes 11yPixel Art 風格繪出傳統舞獅作為酒標。


香港舞獅屬南方派系,早期多以黃、紅、黑為主色,代表三國時代「劉關張」三位英雄人物,並 以鈸、鑼 、鼓聲節奏,配合威猛的南獅舞法,以表達獅子「喜、怒、哀、樂、動、靜、驚、疑」等八種動態。


The Whisky Library以傳統文化, 加上現代潮流藝術風格,結合出現代與傳統,虛擬與實體工藝的視覺融和,帶來新的感官體驗。

The Whisky Library x Thompson Brothers private cask 2022 has arrived with a pixel art label that represents Hong Kong's lion dance tradition.

Lion dances has long been expected performances during celebrations and festivities. The climax act of lion dances is often the "rich acquisition", which represents good-will and the expectation of prosperity.

Lion dance has been identified as cultural inheritance in which practitioners are martial art performers. The yellow, red, and black colored themes represent the well known Three Kingdom characters – Liu, Guan, and Zheng. The gongs, drums, and cymbals create lively atmospheres to accompany the martial art acts, to help represent the emotions and thoughts of a dancing lion.

Our 11 years old Benrinnes is filled with apple pie, cream, and honey notes, completed with a label that meld Hong Kong tradition with modern art, bringing you new experiences.

By Librarian Alice